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7 Frequently Overlooked Aspects of Partner Onboarding

Quite regularly optimizing the partner onboarding process is left behind in the wake of partnership activities that quickly map to increases in leads and revenue. Rightfully so, leads are the lifeblood of the sales organization and achieving revenue is surely one of the most important aspects of any business. With partners you will set goals and track key metrics such as leads, revenue, time to close on sales, churn reduction and much more! While you focus on your key KPI’s here are 7 frequently overlooked aspects of partner onboarding:

What is a PRM

Partner Relationship Management. PRM software is used for the management of indirect sales. In the world of enterprise software, it’s used by everyone from brokers, VARs (value-added resellers) and distributors. This is where it differs from CRM software. PRM software can be looked at as an extension of CRM (like Salesforce). Any good PRM software should feed back into CRM software so that a company can gain visibility over accounts, sales processes and results that their partners are creating.

4 Trends in Enterprise SaaS

Enterprise software has changed significantly in the past decade. There has been a gradual migration to web apps, also known as cloud computing. Virtual desktops have filled a void through the migration, but now the market is willing to accept SaaS with open arms. Our best desktop software is pushing cloud authentication and storage. Current predictions suggest that with immense changes in product, we will also be seeing big shifts in pricing models, distribution, and integration.